How to Permanently Delete Gojek Account


How to permanently delete gojek account | Gojek is one of the online based transportation service applications that is already popular until now. Gojek even presents many features and services, not only providing ojek services online.

To be able to use gojek app, you just need to download and install Gojek app on Google PlayStore on your smartphone, then register an account.

But it turns out that in addition to registering the Gojek app, there is little question about how to permanently delete your Gojek account, can you delete your Gojek account?

How to permanently delete gojek account

As you know to delete Gmail /email that is already registered in gojek account can not be done alone as you will delete Facebook or Twitter account. Usually, you want to delete gojek account, previously you felt if your Gojek account has been hacked.

For example, when a user is asked to send a short message verification code on behalf of Gojek Company. Gojek's own company has urged never to provide verification code information to anyone. Because with this short message verification code can be used to login to your Gojek account.

Well, for those of you who are looking for a way to delete gojek account. In this article, Technobiz will give you the steps you can take.

First, remove the Gojek app on Android

In the first step, all you have to do is delete the Gojek app on your smartphone. This aims to ensure your Gojek account can no longer log in on android.

Before you uninstall, instead you do delete the data and cache first. This has the purpose of gojek app deleted, then gojek app history data is also no longer stored in the internal application of your smartphone.

Deactivate gojek account via CS-Email

To delete your Gojek account, you can send your request by email at Make sure you give the reason why you deleted gojek account, information about smartphone number, the email address you use.

Then you just wait until you get a reply to the email confirmation of gojek account deletion. Then you follow the instructions delivered by CS.

How to delete Gojek account via Twitter

The next step is to permanently delete your Gojek account. Please contact CS Gojek directly through the official Twitter account at @gojekindonesia.

Once you have the intention to delete your Gojek account and come with important data such as your email address, smartphone number, and full name according to gojek account will be disabled Gojek account.

Contact gojek call center

In addition to gojek Indonesia's official Twitter account, for those of you who want to delete emails that have been used to register gojek account. Directly you can contact Gojek Call Center via official telephone line 021-50251110.

So are tips on how to permanently delete your Gojek account that you can try when you want to stop using the Gojek service. In addition, the above steps can also be done if you can not log in to Gojek account because your account has been used in a good way.

Thank you for reading How to permanently delete gojek account may be useful. have a nice day

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