How to Easy Edit a Photos in Lightroom Mobile


Photo editing activities will be great and more fun if you use the right app. You can experiment and hone your creativity through the interesting features provided by the photo editing app. One of the apps that provides a complete and interesting photo editing feature in Adobe Lightroom mobile. How to edit photos in Lightroom is also very easy and certainly Android-friendly.

For novice users, here's how to edit photos in Lightroom using a mobile smartphone:

  1. Install Adobe Lightroom through the Google Play Store. For the first user, create an Adobe account first. You will be asked to register an email, read the terms of use, and verify your mobile number.
  2. After completing the registration process, you will then go to the main page of this application. On the main page, there is an icon to 'add photos' and 'take photos' at the bottom right.
  3. If you want to edit an existing photo on your Android, select the 'add photo' icon (left icon). Lightroom will request access to your file, click 'allow'. Select the photo you want to edit and click 'Add'. You can also add multiple photos at once to lightroom storage.
  4. If you want to take a photo first select the 'take photo' icon (right icon). Lightroom will ask for access to taking photos using your Android camera.
  5. Before starting editing, Lightroom also offers a 'guided tour' that can help you recognize the functionality of each tool in this app. If you're not interested, click 'skip'. You can also create a new album or folder to save photo files in this app. If you don't want to create one, all your photos will be saved in the 'All Photos' menu.
  6. After the photo import process is successful, reselect the photo and you can start editing. You can use tools such as healing tools, crop tools, light tools, and more according to your preferences.
  7. After getting the best results, save the photo to your Android by selecting the 'share' icon at the top right and selecting 'save to device'. You can also share your edits to other media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and more via the 'share to' menu.
  8. You will then be prompted to select the resolution of the photo. Then click 'ok' and wait for the photo export process until an 'export completed' notification appears.

if you don't want to save or share it, your edits will be automatically saved in the Lightroom storage. That's How to Easy Edit a Photos in Lightroom Mobile.

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