How to Activate Dark Mode on the Playstore


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How to Activate Dark Mode on the Playstore

Dark mode or other languages ​​dark mode is changing the appearance of your Android application theme to be predominantly black, the same as the web. Dark mode or other languages, dark mode is changing the appearance of your Android application theme to be predominantly black, the same thing as this website there is a dark mode menu. And dark mode has long been introduced in Indonesia. The most recent news is that this dark mode can be applied to the Google Play Store for all Android smartphones.

After previously popping up the dark mode feature on WhatsApp and Instagram, now the Google application market can be done.

By changing the appearance of the theme to an eight guide, of course, it will make your eyes more comfortable when you are staring at the smartphone screen. In addition, the screen display that is minimal in light can also save battery power consumption so that it will be more durable and not wasteful.

In this Android smartphone tips, TechnoBiz will provide a tutorial, how do you make the play store dark mode?

Even though it has a dominant color display theme with black, the Play Store application is also presented with a combination of color accents that is quite interesting. So you don't need to be afraid of being confused and bored with this dark theme.

This color accent will make it easier for you to find services such as applications, games, books to movies. For example, the game and application category is colored green, the film category is red, the books category is blue.

Meanwhile, the color of the letters or writing will be predominantly gray with a small font so that your eyes can be more comfortable when using it to search for an application or read an electronic book on Google PlayBook.

Here are the steps on how to activate dark mode or dark mode on the play store that you can watch and participate indirectly.

  1. Please open and run the Play Store application on your Android smartphone
  2. Then you enter the menu options on the left of the application and game search box, then you enter settings.
  3. Then you slide the screen down until you find the theme option.
  4. Please press the theme then select the dark option to make the Google Play Store dark mode.
  5. Already completed. Now your play store is in dark mode.

If you pay attention when you will activate the dark mode play store, you will see the Light theme options and Settings based on battery power saver. Please choose an option that suits your needs.

Those are the short tips that you try to activate dark mode on the Google Play Store easily on an Android smartphone.

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