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Lightroom Mobile is one of the most popular apps currently used by Both Android and iOS users for photo or image editing. The edits using this app are no doubt. Many Celebs, Bloggers and Travellers use Lightroom to edit photos or images before publication.

Editing photos or images using the Lightroom app is very reliable, you can change the color, white-balance, temperature, clarity, details and much more all available in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Mobile app.

because it's so popular that a lot of people share tutorials using Lightroom, or how to create presets and many also share presets for free so that many people can use them. Xmp presets are the most commonly used Lightroom filter for editing photos using Lightroom due to their easy use.

because of the popularity of xmp presets there are some presets that are popular and most downloaded. This time technobiz will also share XMP Lightroom Presets for Mobile.

XMP Lightroom Mobile Presets

XMP format presets are custom-made settings in Lightroom that are saved into presets for reuse or use by other Lightroom users. This xmp preset is very easy to use, you just need to have presets with xmp format and then you save it in Lightroom storage.

How to Install xmp Mobile Presets

  1. Download xmp presets here
  2. If you have searched for the preset file (If the shape is zip/rar please extract it first)
  3. Copy or Move the file to Internal Memory>Android>Data>com.adobe.lrmobile>files>corouselDocuments>00000000000000....>Profiles>Settings>UserStyles.
  4. Then Paste

How to Use xmp Mobile Presets

To use the xmp preset is very easy 

  1. Open the Lightroom app
  2. Select the photo/image you want to edit.
  3. Find the Presets menu and find User Presets
  4. If you first use xmp presets. Click Color and then search for User Presets
  5. Select the Preset you want to use

Popular XMP Presets

The most searched and used XMP presets are Dark Style Presets, Moody, Cinematic, Urban, Aqua tone.

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