5 Recommended Apps Make a Photos Become the Best Anime

Anime has become a lifestyle that affects several aspects of daily life. From the beginning it is just a spectacle, anime has also begun to influence other aspects such as how to dress, food, music, and just a photo with a unique anime theme. Therefore, a while ago began popping various applications that we're able to turn a photo into an anime look. With so many applications starting to spread, on this occasion, technobiz will give 5 recommendations of the app to turn photos into the best anime.

1. Everfilter App,  is a very flexible photo changing app, because in addition to being able to change the look of your photos into an anime character, this app is able to change the theme, background, or build-building that is photographed you into a beautiful animated movie-style image. With a wide selection of anime filters that you can use, as well as being very friendly when editing photos, Everfilter is one of the best apps to turn photos into anime.

2. Prisma App, this app can turn your photos into anime displays, Prisma becomes one that is able to give a photo effect like a water painting. If you like classic paintings by Picasso artists, then Prism is one of the best apps you can take advantage of. In total there are over 300 anime-style filters, watercolors, and other unique filters that you can use in this app to edit your photos.

3.Anime Face Changer App, If you like anime characters with cute, cute, and kawaii look, then Anime Face Changer is the right choice to turn your photos into anime characters. This app is very easy to use, because it only takes a few seconds to edit. The photo editor itself is quite interesting, because you can add some funny effects through the face maker features, such as adding kissing face, your favorite manga photo, anime character-style eye effects, and some other interesting features.

4.Meitu App, is an App that has been released since 2008, certainly one of the applications that is able to survive because it has a wide range of interesting, funny, and unique filters. Besides being able to provide a feature to turn your photos into anime style, Meitu itself provides a variety of other interesting features that will certainly embellish your photo collection.

5.Projection App, In the last order there is one application that is not intended as a photo editor, but because the quality of the resulting anime image is arguably the best, then an application named This Projection, mimin input to this list. Although the app is classified as Chinese, you can change your photos to look like cute, kawaii anime characters. Since this app is only available in China, you can download it through apps like TapTap or ApkPure.

Here are some recommended apps that you can use to turn your photos into anime style. These apps can certainly be downloaded for free on your smartphone! Good try!!! 

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